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Welcome to our financial pages from local company FMIFA situated in Penn. fmifa-pens-barn

Philip HarperPhilip Harper DipFA

Financial Planner

Philip has been in the financial services industry all his working life. Originally working in London, before moving to Berkshire to head the financial service division for an accountancy firm. This breadth of experience was invaluable when Philip went on to found Financial Management in 1991.

Visit website: www.fmifa.co.uk or telephone: 01494 817 151

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Vanessa Carver CeMAP and CeRER

Vanessa CarverEquity Release Specialist

Vanessa had a long career in the financial services industry, starting her career at AXA leading a national project in association with law firms. From there she spent ten years at Financial Management as an independent financial adviser, specialising in corporate benefits. After 3 years working in the education sector, Vanessa returned to Financial Management working in all areas of Client Servicing and is fm’s Equity Release Specialist.

Visit website: www.fmifa.co.uk or telephone: 01494 817 151

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